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10. Child Protection Policies

Child Protection Policy


Bury St Edmunds Rugby Football Club

This child protection policy is in place because it is accepted that it is the responsibility of every adult to ensure children enjoy rugby union in a safe environment.

Therefore the club has a responsibility:

To safeguard and promote the interests and well being of children who play rugby.

To take all reasonable practical steps to protect children from harm, discrimination or degrading treatment.

To respect children’s rights, wishes and feelings.

To ensure that all adults are aware of their responsibilities when working with young children.

The child protection procedures will:

Offer safeguards to the children with whom we work and to our professional members of staff, coaches and club members.

Help maintain the professionalism and the safeguards of good practice which are associated with the RFU and RFUW.

In order for the child protection policy to be effective codes of practice are in force for the following groups of people.

The Child Welfare Officer.

The Coaches


Parents and supporters

Principle Statement
The young player’s welfare is paramount.

All young players whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.

All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

Anyone under the age of 18 years is considered a child for the purposes of this document.

The club will appoint a child welfare officer each season who shall be responsible for the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the child protection policy.

The club will also appoint each season a deputy who shall assist the welfare officer.

Procedure for Reporting Incidents

Where anyone has concern about the behavior of a member of the club or any other person the following action will be taken:

The incident will be reported to the welfare officer or his/her deputy.

The said person must ensure the safety of the child or children without delay.

If the incident relates to poor practice the welfare officer will deal with it as an internal club issue.

If the concerns remain then the matter will be referred to professional staff (ECRU welfare officer) or RFU/RFUW staff for a decision on how to handle the issue.

If it appears that the concerns relate to an unlawful act the concern will be reported to the ECRU welfare officer as soon as possible.

If the concern relates to the person in charge ensure the safety of the child and then report to professional staff (ECRU welfare officer).

In the case of suspected unlawful acts as well as the above procedures the matter is to be referred to the police and or social services.

Once these procedures have been complied with then all assistance must be given to the relevant authorities. The handling of the matter from this point on will be dealt with by the RFU.

In all cases a written record will be kept of the allegation, the investigation and the outcome. This record will be kept confidential.

Some incidents may be of such a serious nature that there is no alternative but to inform the police immediately. Once this has been done, then revert to above procedure.