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Many hands make light work

Behind every successful rugby club are a team of dedicated volunteers who make things happen. Quite simply, without volunteers the club would not be able to run.

We are looking to continue to build an eclectic bunch of do’ers to carry forward the legacy started by our founding members 94 years ago.

In my experience, through getting involved, I have made many lifelong friends and have had some truly great times. These passionate volunteers have helped to build the club into what I believe is the best club in the region

Volunteers are selfless people who come with a willing mind. By selflessly giving your time you can gain a strengthened:

• Sense of belonging
• Sense of community
• Ownership of your club
• Friendship, comardarie and companionship with fellow volunteers

We encourage and welcome everyone to get involved in volunteering at the club. If you feel you would like to enjoy the camaraderie of being more closely connected to the rugby community then take the first step and email me volunteer@bserufc.co.uk You will be appreciated for whatever time, skills or ability you can give.